Farewell my beautiful and faithful customers. Pomodoro has been sold to a younger generation of restaurateurs and it will become a sushi restaurant. After almost three decades of being your humble servant, the time has come to hang my tools and retire into obscurity.

If I ever get involved in another venture, it will not be at the same intense level as in this recent one. I will miss all of you very much, but I will miss some of you terribly. If occasionally you find it convenient to visit www.pomodoro.net, I will keep you posted if I decide to start anything related to food.

I wish you all the absolute best of health and happiness. Thank you for your business through the decades, thank you for your understanding and friendship. Thank you, thank you thank you.

If you have an unredeemed gift certificate from Pomodoro, I will be more than happy to arrange how you can get your money back, please email me on the reservations page of the above website.

For now, I leave you with this poem by Oliver Tearle:

Maybe our paths will cross
when this universe folds in and makes another.
Maybe, at the point
when all that is, and all that's ever been,
collapses into everything else and is remade,
our paths will cross, however briefly, and
our terminus become a junction.
It may be a long shot. I will take it
and hope and trust our paths will cross again

Antolín Ex-Chef/Owner